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Wood Look Tile Flooring

With the look of wood flooring being so popular, it’s no surprise that wood look tile is a trend which is not expected to go away any time soon. Wood look flooring adds a classic, timeless appeal to a home, and tile is able to take that look and duplicate it with a more low-maintenance floor option. The most common wood look tile comes in porcelain and ceramic. Both options are ideal for the wood look you are going for while still being affordable. At Ruggieri Carpet One Floor & Home in Cranston, we have a selection that provides a combination of sizes and colors that will fit your needs.

There are a wide variety of wood look tile designs that exist. Most tiles are printed with high-definition printing technology which helps mimic the true look of wood. Whatever you have in mind, whether it’s traditional or modern, wood look tiles can take on the design you are looking for. You can choose a wide size tile for a more uniform look, or pick a smaller size and lay the tile in a different pattern such as herringbone or chevron to accent the room.

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Benefits of Wood Look Tile

The biggest benefit of wood look tile is that it can be installed anywhere in your home. Porcelain is popular because it can be installed on your living room floors, as backsplash in your kitchen, and even on your shower walls. 

Tile requires little maintenance and is resistant to moisture and heat, so it is an ideal choice for those looking for easy clean options. Tile is also durable, so it is not likely to warp when humidity levels in the home rise compared to solid hardwood.

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